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Make Sound Better

Specialized in music film, documentaries, art film and special artistic cinematic format

  • Location Sound for Film, TV, Video Content and VR/AR
  • Editing and Sound design
  • Music Recording, Music Production
  • From Mono, Stereo to Surround and 3D Immersive

Tong Zhang,

Grow up in Beijing, and started his music education at 4, and his first stage experience at 5. Also received training in acting, dance, art and literature, Tong is well-prepared for his later profession in sound.

In 2007, he started his study in music technology in Beijing, two years later, he came to Vienna, Austria and started the Tonmeister study at the university for music and performing arts Vienna.

His career in sound started in 2012. With innovative techniques and a very high artistic standard, he established his own brand in the film, TV and Music business pretty fast.

As someone who is always seeking innovation and challenges, he started his artistic doctoral study at the University for music and performing arts Vienna in 2022, in the field of Sound for Film.